January 4th, 2009

Daily Top 10 Posts for WordPress 2.7

Quick update for Daily Top 10 Posts plugin users who recently switched to WordPress 2.7. Thanks to those who gave me the heads-up about the error that looks like a big zit in the stylish new version 2.7 dashboard. I have nipped the error accordingly and everything is beautiful again. πŸ˜›

For users of WordPress 2.6 and below, please continue to use the previous version (0.4) or your dashboard will break.


Daily Top 10 Posts v0.5 for WordPress 2.7
Daily Top 10 Posts v0.4 for WordPress 2.6 and below

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  2. mroo said...

    the top post overall not working in wp 2.7 widget ready… for daily top 10 version 0.5

    Jan 4, 2009

  3. mroo said...

    ooh you just forgot to add it in your code php daily plugin

    Jan 4, 2009

  4. Andrew said...

    Hi MROO: That’s correct, was such in a hurry I edited the wrong version of the plugin. It’s now corrected. Thanks for your comment.

    Jan 4, 2009

  5. Blogie said...

    Yey!! Thanks drew!

    Jan 4, 2009

  6. Jehzeel Laurente said...

    yay! i really love this plugin! kaso di ko nahalata yung error sa 2.7 kasi til now 2.5 parin ako πŸ˜€ haha!

    Jan 5, 2009

  7. Andrew said...

    @blogie: yw

    @jehz: hehehe πŸ˜›

    Jan 5, 2009

  8. Goss said...

    Hello Andrew my site http://gosshollywood.com how can edit your top post php file for

    don’t show the vies count number and only show five post
    on the slide bar……….

    pl z help me

    Jan 6, 2009

  9. Davawenyo said...

    Hi Andrew,

    I have some problem with my WordPress theme Download site, I would like to put preview on WP themes. Unfortunately, I cannot find plug in for it- I tried theme preview plug in, but it does not work at you need to log on first before you can see the theme. Hope you can give some insights for this- from one of the WORLD’S bests WP plug in developer.:)

    Jan 6, 2009

  10. Davawenyo said...

    by the way I forgot to mention my site –>http://carthemes.net.

    Jan 6, 2009

  11. gp 4th duke of york said...

    anyone else getting this, it happens when there are no views for the day:

    ordPress database error You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘ 1)’ at line 1 for query INSERT INTO wp_dailytopten (time, postnum, postcount) VALUES (‘2009-01-19’, , 1) made by require, require_once, include, todays_count_widget, todays_overall_count, todays_count

    Jan 19, 2009

  12. gp 4th duke of york said...

    disregard last message, I moded the plugin and messed it up… NEVERMIND πŸ˜‰

    Jan 19, 2009

  13. insic said...

    Why i always got this No posts viewed yet. And its imposibble that no post has been viewed. Ill check the database and i found 0 records. please help

    Jan 20, 2009

  14. insic said...

    hmmm no updates? πŸ™‚ its been 3 days I installed the plugin still O records in the database

    Jan 23, 2009

  15. Logan said...

    How would I make this record top ten Pages instead of posts?

    Jan 31, 2009

  16. Backyardman said...

    I am trying to limit the main page to 5 posts with no luck. I am very green at wordpress but a good learner. I edited the code where the “10’s” were but it still post 10 on the main page. COuld you direct me where I am going wrong? Keep up the excellent work.


    Apr 7, 2009

  17. Alwin said...

    Great Plugin.

    Can you please tell me how can i exclude a post ( only one post) from recording or displaying the read view count. I have a made up traffic on this.

    Jun 10, 2009

  18. Jhiegzh said...

    Hello Andrew, I want to install daily top 10 but I can’t because I am now in WordPress 3.1 Hope you can update the plugin for me to use, for I am interested about it. God Bless!

    Mar 6, 2011

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