May 10th, 2008

Cool App for your Blogs: Apture


One of the downsides of blogging is not knowing whether or not your readers are “getting it”.

Sure, you know what Gas tungsten arc welding is, but for us mere mortals, that sounds like a bad lab experiment back in college that we’d rather forget about. If you’re familiar with Snap Shots (see sample), Apture should feel right at home except that it gives you full control over your “info bubbles” and you have the power to assign bubbles only to the content that you choose right on your blog (unlike the arbitrary way that Snap does it). One great example we can use is Christine Gambito. Remember who she is? If not, click on her name (now na hahaha). I added Wikipedia, images and video to the info bubble to help jog your memory. Ok, done? You can add info bubbles to any text on your blog to give your users a rich multimedia experience, if not a lesson in history. The service is currently in beta and is accepting registrations.

Some bugs still need to be worked out, such as conflicts with flash objects and the inability to detect the same content on the main page and post page (meaning if you add bubbles from the main page, you’d have to do it again on the blog post).

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  2. Can said...


    This is Can from Apture. I just wanted to say that I really liked your quick intro to Apture. Enjoy using it and send us any feedback you have, we always appreciate it.


    May 10, 2008

  3. Jehzeel Laurente said...

    next time “Andrew dela Serna” will have his own Wikipedia summary like Christine 😀

    kewl tong app na to ah.. grrrreeeat! 😀

    May 10, 2008

  4. Blogie said...

    Hmmm… this kind of Web app has big potential. Thanks for the tip, Drew!

    May 10, 2008

  5. Kevin Ray N. Chua said...

    Just added it on my Mar Roxas 2010 Blog! Thanks for the info Andrew!

    May 11, 2008

  6. Can (fake) said...

    Oh by the way, Snap let’s you define which words will get a Snap Shot – it is called the Snap Shoit markup language. We copied that from them like everything else we do. But thanks anyway for the props.

    – Can

    Editor: A cheap shot. If you want to get something across, don’t be a poser. Your IP address ( resolves to, the company that owns Snap. Jeezus. Grow up!

    May 11, 2008

  7. Blogie said...

    Is there a war between Apture and Snap?

    Personally, I never did like Snap. Go Apture!

    May 11, 2008

  8. Cesar Noel said...

    In my opinion Apture is better than Snap. Thanks for sharing this one Drew

    Jun 18, 2008

  9. Paul Villacorta said...

    Apture is better than Snap!

    @Blogie cold war maybe… for me they are competitors maybe they have some sneaky things on both sides and suddenly will shock the other one..

    Jun 30, 2008

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