November 29th, 2007

Mutineers: We’re Brave Thus We Have to be on Bravehost


I’m laughing my *ss off while looking at the official website of the ongoing mini-“coup” led by Antonio Trillanes and that dinosaur Teofisto Guingona. Apparently, these guys don’t have a clue what an improbable mess their website is. It has three columns. Fine, many blogs have three columns. But three columns filled with FULL articles is a different story. No one in his right mind would be able to show support for these numbskulls after trying to read their website. They’ll just end up with a big headache! And I can’t even muster enough strength to talk about their header image. It’s too pixelated to tell if that’s Bembol Roco in the center wearing the black beret.

In fairness to these guys, Google blessed them with a PageRank 3. And it appears that their site looked exactly the same as it did in August 2006. Low on budget much? I got to hand it to them though, that out of all the free webhosts out there, they were “brave” enough to choose Bravehost. Waw. So Web negative two. Yuga should give them a blogging 101 fast.

I don’t condone President Arroyo’s corrupt dealings but this schmuck Trillanes is up to no good. If he successfully becomes a military dictator after this, the same farce of a government will continue, or worse. I cannot believe that he was able to walk out of that courtroom that easily. That just proves how big he is a brat, as Ramon Tulfo reported before:

You want to know Trillanes’ true colors? Read on.

While being detained at the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (Isafp) jail in Camp Aguinaldo, Trillanes and his fellow Magdalo mutineers were allegedly given VIP treatment.

Their privileges included: (1) being allowed to play badminton at the Isafp gym with players from outside brought in for them, (2) being allowed to have cellular phones inside their cells, (3) being allowed to have desktop computers, microwave ovens and refrigerators, (4) being allowed to have occasional passes to visit their families.
But still, they reportedly wanted more privileges.

Trillanes was one of the most arrogant of the Magdalo detainees, according to Isafp records handed to me by an inside source.

Let’s make a vote. Can we ever trust a guy who hosts on Bravehost? Methinks not!!

UPDATE: Webmaster has been jailed together with Trillianes. Expect no updates on their site until they stage another courtroom walkout.

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  2. Maria Jose said...

    I LOL’d at their website, and much more at their reasons and the drama they are having right now!

    Nov 29, 2007

  3. noemi said...

    LOL. I was confused where to read at first. Center, Left or right. I ended up leaving the site. haha

    Nov 29, 2007

  4. Mikko said...

    Haha!! Sundalo eh, matapang! ;D

    Nov 29, 2007

  5. Yukino Silvermaine said...

    He never did learn, huh?

    Nov 29, 2007

  6. Garry See said...

    Hello Sir. I googled the web and found out that you’re from Ateneo. Could you please tell me about the step-by-step procedure in borrowing a book in Rizal Library. How long will it take? Thank you very much and I enjoy reading your blog.

    Nov 29, 2007


    grabe kuya andrew di mo pinalampas pati ang website.. hahahaha!!! 😛

    Nov 29, 2007

  8. FruityOaty said...

    That’s just… too funny. Breaks many rules I learned in my years of web usability testing & training.

    Nov 29, 2007

  9. Karlo.PinoyBlogero said...

    LOL. Well at least they have a website. Hehe. Like I always say, it’s always a good thing to invest on having an online presence. ^_^

    Sundalo… Yeah… Cool…

    Nov 29, 2007

  10. ApplesH said...

    May Manila Peninsula na… may website pa! 🙂

    Nov 30, 2007

  11. richard said...

    all i can say, nice yung header image ng site.. hehhe..

    Dec 1, 2007

  12. Winston said...

    kahit website nila, loser. hehehe. bravehost. lol. hahahaha…

    Dec 2, 2007

  13. benj said...

    Trillanes is so fierce! He strikes fear in the heart of every hotel security guard!

    Dec 2, 2007

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