August 5th, 2007

The Fastest Internet

I wish I can say the same thing for my crappy MyDSL. This lucky 75-year-old lady in Sweden boasts a 40-gigabits-per-second fiber-optic connection, so far the fastest residential Internet speed recorded. Sigbritt Lothberg, hardly the web cybergeek, has her son Peter, a networking expert, and his friend Hafsteinn Jonsson to thank. Peter simply wanted to demonstrate that it was possible to achieve such blazing fast speeds.

At 40gbps, I can download a whole MP3 album at a blink of an eye. To download a DVD-quality movie, it will take at most 2 seconds. Now, doesn’t that take the ‘wait’ out of the World Wide Wait? I’m not an avid downloader though, but I do upload scripts a lot which can be painfully slow. What I’ll give to bask in Sigbritt’s glory.

Read the full (old) story here.

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  2. RJ said...

    *frustrated on the 33gig torrent he’s downloading stuck at 32%*


    Aug 5, 2007

  3. asd said...

    although you had 40gpbs conexon you are still capped by the limits of the host you are downloading from…MP3 album in a seconds? Do you realize how fast a HARD DISK IS? the bottleneck of the whole pc? o_O you know nothing.

    Aug 15, 2007

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