June 14th, 2007

I’m a C- Traveller

Always makes me feel good to see Filipinos coming up with cool online applications. Recently, Eugene Villar released Lakbayan, a quiz-type app that rates how well-traveled you are in the Philippines. Being from Davao City, ironically I have not been to many places here in Mindanao. I’ve actually been to more while I was living in Manila. Heck, I’ve been as far as Quezon Province where I spent 3 days with some of my classmates. It took us 6 hours and 3 different rides to get there. I also frequented Subic, Tagaytay and Clark often with my dad.

Here in Mindanao, I’ve only been to Cagayan de Oro en route to Camiguin island and General Santos City during one my father’s business trips. Other than that, I’m basically just holed up here in Davao. In the Visayas, I have Boracay, Cebu and Bohol in my resume.


Despite my sparse travel record, I still got a C-. I think Eugene made the algo more forgiving only recently because the first time I took the test I got an F!! Anyway, if you’re Pinoy, you have got to check this out.

Lakbayan: How much of the Philippines have you visited?

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  2. Eugene said...

    Hi Andrew, thanks for dropping by. Yup, I did update the algorithm because it was too harsh! Hehehe. 🙂

    Jun 14, 2007

  3. Andrew said...

    Yeah!! I kinda felt depressed and un-Filipino after I got the F! Hahaha! Now I feel a bit better.

    Jun 14, 2007

  4. Jun Macarambon said...

    i got c+ . hehehe. i travel mostly around mindanao. 🙂

    Jun 14, 2007

  5. Shari said...

    I’m still trying to find out what the difference is between the western and eastern sides of some provinces. I might have passed by some places without even knowing it. The test was fairly easy, as I haven’t been to anywhere outside Luzon. Poor me.

    I’m not a very well-traveled person, and I hate it. Hopefully I’ll get a C- when I take the quiz again, hehe.

    Jun 16, 2007

  6. Angel said...

    Very cool blog. im glad i got to visit 😀

    Jun 17, 2007

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