May 11th, 2007 Updates

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Here’s a quick update for

1. I’m currently trying to single out a bug that fails to update a blog’s Technorati rank. When that happens, it tends to screw up the blog’s history profile.

2. There are several sites that occasionally receive no data from Technorati. I apologize if you notice that your blog’s stats aren’t updating. There is absolutely nothing I can do about this one. 🙁 One site that ain’t getting no Technorati love is Jayvee’s Cellphone9 blog.

3. The database has grown to about 300 blogs. I’m sure there are thousands more Pinoy blogs out there. Technorati’s API has a set 500 query limit. I have asked Technorati to increase my limit to 1,500 but has not responded. I *hope* they read this.

4. I have made the rank buttons depend on an XML file instead of the database. I’m quite confident this will scale better and won’t be such as memory hog. The downside of this is the ranks won’t update has real-time as we’d like to.

5. Now comes the hard part. I’m aware that some sites got a bulk of their links through unconventional means such as wordpress themes, plugins and linking schemes. In fact, many of them are in the top ten. (Disclaimer: I didn’t say this way easy.) I am planning to come up with two lists, a filtered list and an unfiltered one. The filtered list will not contain these sites that I have mentioned while the filtered one will. The filtered list though will be the de facto list. I’m planning to implement it by early June.

6. I removed the meme and decided to host it on its own site. It’s gonna be cool, I promise!

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