September 4th, 2006

Isulong Seoph Update

It’s September!! In a few weeks, we will know who the winner is of the Isulong Seoph contest! I’m still surprised to see my ex-entry somewhere in the third page, haha. I’ve been a bad sponsor though. I haven’t been paying attention to what’s been happening in the contest for months! But it’s only right that I begin monitoring it more closely now that it’s only a breath away before it’s finally over. I also hope that the preparations for the awarding ceremony are at least being planned already. I’d love to be around for that, but certain factors made it difficult for me to go through with my trip. Who knows, that may still change.

I’ve read that some participants, although front runners, have already quit the contest, such as Alfa Mercado and Jozzua. I totally understand. Joining the contest and learning something from it is a victory in itself. The prize pot is but secondary.

Anyway, I’d like to give shoutouts to the contest organizer Marc for a successful and fruitful endeavor this came out to be. Also congratulations to the top 10, in particular who’s currently at #1.

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