August 24th, 2006

Dota Allstars is Da Shiz

I’m a Dota addict gone mad. During the recently-wrapped Kadayawan festival here in Davao City, I practically played everyday (till my eyes spilled out of their sockets) with my friends at Sequel.

What’s cool about Dota Allstars is that it’s cheap to play and lasts only an hour or two as opposed to Ragnarok and those other costly MMORPG’s. The excitement happens while the game is being played. And what better way to do it than play with real people in an in-your-face atmosphere such as an Internet cafe.

Are you a Dota addict like me? If you’re looking for original strategies, visit my Dota site, We’ve got a great community waiting for you! See you there!

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  2. emma said...

    i am a faculty researcher of uic. will you allow me to site your comments about dota in my study about the computer gaming behavior of college students?

    Sep 25, 2007

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