August 10th, 2006

PayPal for the Philippines

J. Angelo Racoma’s PayPal initiative now has a website.

I still strongly share J. Angelo’s sentiments that having PayPal here in the Philippines will spur growth in the web development and technology sector of the Philippines. We’ve got the talent, but no decent payment system in sight. How cruel is that?

With the new website featured in several big online ledgers, I think J. Angelo grand plan is off to a great start.

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  2. jangelo said...

    Thanks for the support, Andrew. We’ve just set up the signup form at (actually we’ve redirected the domain into the new domain — we’re for developing the .com.PH namespace, too, if you may recall).

    Aug 11, 2006

  3. lakbaypilipinas said...

    PayPal needs Philippines! Filipino Online Professionals are in-demand in the World….

    Aug 11, 2006

  4. kofigurl said...

    Couldn’t agree more. This movement is way overdue.

    Aug 12, 2006

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