June 13th, 2006

Friendster Ads

I got an invitation to try Friendster Ads (FAds) Beta (clap3x) with a credit of P50, or equivalent to 625 views. Not bad for a freebie, but I’ll have to see first if it’s an effective form of advertising. P50 is really very cheap (less than a US$ buck), so anyone can basically advertise anything under the sun.

friendster ads

Setting up the ad was quite easy. It took only 3 steps in about 5 minutes. I’ll report on the results soon.

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  2. aj said...

    We look forward for more feedback.


    Jun 15, 2006

  3. WebPirate said...

    How do we get a free invitation coming from friendster ? That was a rare opportunity i guess.

    Jun 15, 2006

  4. Gienah said...

    Could you please tell me how to get an invite?

    Mar 21, 2007

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