May 16th, 2006

X-Men: The Last Stand Spoiler Clips

All I can say is that these clips are AWESOME!!

Right-click on each link and save to your computer.

Beast’s conversation with the X-Men (extended scene from the 7-Min preview)

“No-one heals as fast as you, Logan.” (Scott/Logan)

“My family tried to kill me, you pathetic meatsack.” (Mystique)

Xavier and Magneto confront Jean (extended scene)

Kitty and Bobby go ice-skating

Magneto destroys Golden Gate bridge

Wolverine kicking ass in the woods

Bobby follows Rogue to the clinic and encounters Pyro

Angel’s flashback (this is disturbing)

Rogue heading out of the X-mansion and stops to talk to Logan

Angel escapes from his father

Dark Phoenix kisses Logan in the infirmary

A kick-ass scene of Storm rising and spinning towards the Brotherhood outside of Jean’s house

“Nothing can stop us!” (Magneto)

The Jay Leno Danger Room scene

Beast talks to Storm, Xavier and Wolverine (different camera angles from the 7-Min preview)

“Where’s your mark?” (Callisto and Quill talk to Magneto and Pyro)

“You’re a guy, Bobby.” (Rogue/Bobby)

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