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Bamboo Girl
Independent print publication challenging racism, sexism and homophobia in the Asian-American community.

Captures, examines the new, evolving breed and culture of Filipinos in the USA in the raw.

Filipino American Collectibles
Features Filipino-American collectibles and memorabilia.

Filipino American Library
Promotes the history, culture and professional achievements of Filipino Americans through educational and cultural programming thereby contributing to the development of a culturally dynamic multiethnic America.

Filipino American Service Group
Empowers Filipino Americans and others through culturally and linguistically sensitive advocacy, education, social services, social action, research and leadership that are also gender- and age-appropriate.

Filipino Americans.Net
Provides information and resources about the immigration of Filipinos to the United States and their history, culture, traditions, and way of life.

Provides information on Filipino-American culture and heritage.

Philippine Bisaya Global Association
Provides information about the Philippines and about Bisayan activities to Pilipino communities worldwide.
Filipino-American community site.

The Mestiza Project
Aims to document the often-overlooked histories and experiences of mixed race Pilipino Americans.

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