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Abu Sayyaf Group
Comprehensive resource on international terrorism and counter-terrorism. Database on terrorist organizations, attacks, articles, news and more. Abu Sayyaf's description found here.

Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG)
Islamic extremist group operating in the southern Philippines led by Abdurajik Abubakar Janjalani. Split from the Moro National Liberation Front in 1991. - Background: Abu Sayyaf Group
The Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) is the smallest and most radical of the Islamic separatist groups operating in the southern Philippines. Designated as one of 29 Foreign Terrorist Organizations by the U.S. Government. In-Depth Specials - Abu Sayyaf: Bearer of the Sword
Abu Sayyaf, one of a few militant Muslim groups fighting for an independent Islamic state in the southern Philippines, abducted 20 hostages on May 27. The armed men, known as "Bearer of the Sword," stormed a tourist resort on the island of Palawan.

FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive - Usama Bin Laden
Profile of terrorist Usama Bin Laden, wanted in connection with the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and other US locations.

Terrorism Q & A: Philippines
Article on terrorist groups operating in the Philippines, including the Abu Sayyaf and the Al-Qaeda.

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