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Asian Pacific Heritage - Medals of Honor
Medals of Honor bestowed on 10 Asian Pacific Americans.

Austrian-Philippine Homepage
The Austrian-Philippine Home Page is part of APSIS (Asian/Pacific Studies & Information Service) at the Institut für Völkerkunde (Institute of Social Anthropology), University of Vienna.

BONIFACIO: Slain Again and Again
An article by Ed Aurelio Reyes on Andres Bonifacio.

Battling Bastards of Bataan
Dedicated to the Filipino/American Forces who defended Bataan, from Jan 2, 1942 to April 9, 1942.

Beyer Museum
Showcasing the Dr. H.Otley Beyer Library and Artifact Collection on Philippine Pre-history, archeology, tektites and more.
Contains the forgotten history and cultural and political legacies of American imperialism, the Spanish-American and Philippine-American wars, and the anti-imperialist movements that opposed them.

Free in the Middle (Malay/\ Kapag Malay)
Includes information on fraternities, freemasonry and the Philippine Revolution.

Philippine Directories Online
Directory containing history and facts on Philippine provinces.

Philippine History
With a list of Presidents and Vice-Presidents and a timeline of events in Philippine history.

Philippine History 101
All you need to know about Philippine History.
Philippine history, links, Church-State relations in the Philippines during the Spanish Period, the Spaniards' first 50 years in the ...
Contains extensive content on the Philippines ranging from history, currency guide, constitutional texts, famous Pinoys and more.

Coming to America from 1519 to 2001

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