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Office of the President
Official website of the President of the Philippines.

Board of Liquidators (BOL)
Homepage of the Board of Liquidators.

Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
Governing body covering both public and private higher education institutions as well as degree-granting programs in all tertiary educational institutions in the Philippines.

Commission on the Filipino Language
Formulates policies, plans and programs to ensure the further development, enrichment, propagation and preservation of Filipino and other Philippine languages.

Cooperative Development Authority (CDA)
Promotes the viability and growth of cooperatives in the country.

Dangerous Drugs Board
Policy-making and strategy-formulating body in the planning and formulation of policies and programs on drug prevention and control.

Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC)
Tasked to transform the electric industry and balance the interests of all stakeholders.

Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB)
Regulatory body for housing and land development.

Information Technology and E-Commerce Council (ITECC)
Official website of the Information Technology and E-Commerce Council.

Mindanao Economic Development Council (MEDCO)
Official website of the Mindanao Economic Development Council.

National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP)
Implements policies, plans and programs for the recognition, promotion and protection of the rights and well-being of Indigenous Peoples.

National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women (NCRFW)
Promotes economic empowerment and human rights of women, and gender responsive governance.

National Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee (NALECC)
Strengthening the links of law enforcement agencies.

National Youth Commission (NYC)
Formulates a national framework for youth development.

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (2)

National Commission for Culture and the Arts (4)

National Economic and Development Authority (6)

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