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Department of Agriculture (DA)
Principal agency responsible for the promotion of agricultural development growth. Provides the policy framework, helps direct public investments, and in partnership with local government units (LGUs).

Agricultural Credit Policy Council (ACPC)
Tasked to review and evaluate the economic soundness of all agricultural credit programs.

Bureau of Postharvest Research and Extension (BPRE)
Official website the of Bureau of Postharvest Research and Extension (BPRE).

Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM)
The BSWM is a staff bureau under the Department of Agriculture mandated to render assistance on matters that relate to the utilization and management of soils and water as vital agricultural resources.

Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA)
Sustains agricultural productivity in a wholesome environment through integrated plant nutrients management and safe crop protection systems.

Fiber Industry Development Authority (FIDA)
Promoting the accelerated growth and development of the fiber industry in all its aspects including research, production, processing, marketing and trade regulation.

Livestock Development Council (LDC)
Policy-making body for the livestock and poultry sector of the Department of Agriculture.

National Agricultural and Fishery Council (NAFC)
Ensuring participatory broad-based decision making in agriculture and fisheries.

National Dairy Authority (NDA)
Ensures the accelerated development of the Philippine dairy industry through policy direction and program implementation.

Philippine Carabao Center (PCC)
Tasked to improve farmers' income, nutrition, and general well-being through the enhancement of carabao's potentials.

Sugar Regulatory Administration (SGA)
Ensures the economic viability of sugar production and a stable, sufficient supply of quality sugar in the Philippines.

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