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AMA Education System, The
Ang mga nangyayari sa Sistema ng AMA, opisyal man o hindi... Ang mga nakasulat sa ibaba ay nakaayos na ang pinakabago ang nasa itaas..

AlterNation 101
An author's take on how the Philippine Media spins, twists and pervert the Filipino mind.

Opinyong Pinoy
Ang tinig ng mga tunay na Pinoy at Pinay.
Photographic weblog of U.P. film student Victor Villanueva.

Ellen Tordesillas
A journalist's blog.

Manuel Quezon III
Weblog of Manuel Quezon III with punditry, politics, history and general commentaries.

The personal journal of Inquirer editor John Nery.

Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism blog.

Reklamador Blog
Hinding hindi kami nasisiyahan! An online reklamo blog.

Sassy Lawyer
Lawyer since 1991, blogging since 2003, sassy since birth.

TWBPSK Kevin Ray's Corner
Political commentary by 15 year old Kevin Ray Chua on the future of America in the next four more dark years under the President Dubya Bush. This is a presentation of Kevin Ray Chua.

Tales from Disiniland
Political journal.

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