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Filipino Librarian
Weblog for those interested in the Philippines, Filipiniana and Philippine libraries.

Random Thoughts
Random blog about books, movies, television, music, etc.

Che Cornelio Realm
The official realm of Cheryll "Che" Cornelio. Contains online journal, profile, gallery, icons and more.

Mental Notes
Notes that will never win me any awards but will nonetheless reflect my very apparent charm.
The Personal Site of Pao M.

Novocain Atmosphere
My spotlight. My humiliation.

Suburban Wit
A chronicle of the life of an angst-ridden youth.

Wet and Wild
A clumsy girl surviving the iceberg.

World Famous in the Philippines
The Whoas! Ooops! and Acks! of a less than ordinary individual who would want to live a more than special life in the Philippines.

The ID configuration
In psychoanalytical theory, ID is the part of the personality which contains our primitive impulses such as sex, anger, and hunger.

An Apple a Day
Aileen Apolo's personal blog.

Anda Beach Bohol Blog
Online diary containing information about the Philippines, promotional video, embedded music, links and web chat.

Ang Tambayan ni Paeng
Ang tambayan ni Paeng.

At The Tip Of The Leaf
You can punch a hole in an apple using a straw. How do you think that makes your milkshake feel?

Azrael's Merryland
Adventure and stories of Azrael in his Merryland. Its more than an event coverage website.

Blog Na Malabo ang Mata!
Everyone is cute and sexy if your eyesight sucks! RJ Palabasan's blog.

Angela Solis' personal blog.

Faces of the Moon
A blog for sharing any kind of information under the sun. Mostly Koreanovela stuff because the author is fond of Korean dramas, but other kinds of stuff are there, too. Wala lang.

Fool for Five
Personal blog of Rico Mossesgeld, a Marketing specialist by day, freelance graphic designer and writer by night. He seeks to answer questions both profound and innane.

From Nasipit To Anywhere
Blog dedicated to Nasipitnons.

Hoop Addict
Journal of a self confessed, incurable hoop addict.

GMA News's Michael Josh blogs about tech, sports, politics and everything else in between.

Jessica Rules the Universe
Jessica Zafra's twisted personal blog.

Komikero Comics Journal
Online journal of a Filipino comics writer and artist, as well as a news and updates site of the Philippine Comics Art Museum.

Finding meaning in seemingly meaningless things. By Gail dela Cruz.

Kwentong Tambay
I am an overseas filipino worker. Now, I am part of that "babalik ka rin crowd" you see around christmas time, arriving at the NAIA in droves from all over, gold chain around their necks, in jeans and maong jacket, ray-ban shades, goatee, and baseball cap.

Last Leaf Designs
Mae Paulino's blog, portfolio and playground. Read her thoughts and written works and look at her web designs.
Personal blog of Lauren Dado.

Tristan interactive blog site here in

Maranan Dot US
Random thoughts, weird ideas, wild musings, strange reason of Leoneil Maranan aka kapengbarako about life and all its facets.

Method to my Madness
Caution. I am usually sarcastic...sometimes funny, bitter, angry, thoughtful...but always witty, I think. Thoughts on Filipino, Filipino American life, travel to the Philippines, hanging out in Manila or Makati, life in Las Vegas, and many more.

Ramblings of a college student dealing with everyday cr*p.

Personal blog of Shari Cruz.
This is my journalís ninth year of existence. Iíve been writing in here since December 1996, basically because it was a novelty back then and I wanted to be special.

Notes from the Peanut Gallery
Dean Francis Alfar: husband, father, playwright, fictionist, comic book creator, businessman.

A personal site of Sarah, living her life in Seattle.. being crazy. and lazy. and blogging about it.

One with Nothing
When nothing remains, everything is equally possible...

Our Awesome Planet
Slice of Manila's hidden places. Travel secrets through word-of-mouth. Shared through our awesome family adventures.

PINAYexpat in Deutschland
Blog of a working mom in Germany.

Ang mga nakapupukaw na salaysay ng mag-asawang sina Gabriel at Raquel sa maalindog na bayan ng Australia.

Paradigm Shift
Part of this blog is different from actual history. So shut up and read.

Seasonal Plume
Hopeless quintessential romantic idealist. Seasonal writer. Eternal hobbyist. By Angela Sabas.

Shawie - Pinoy Web Designer
Freelance web designer offering web development and personal weblog about anime, entertainment and sports.

Kim Castillo's personal blog on music, books and Davao City.

Squatter sa blog ni Noypiako

The Expat
The musings of an Aussie living and working in the Philippines.

The Parody
Excerpts from a misrepresented life by Sasha Manuel.

Third Sex In The City
Bakla! Bakla! Baket ka ginawa?

Twisted thoughts within my four brick walls
Peek into the realm of twisted dreams and thoughts through the eyes of a poet and artist.

Where Angels Lose Their Way
Official blog of the trap master!

Zentanglement by Joachim Guanzon
Personal site and Link filter of Joachim Guanzon, web developer, gitarista, video gamer (xbox/psp)... and studiotraffic junkie. Topics from PSP hacks/homebrews to guitars to software development.

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